Bib overalls CLASSIC

Professional, heavy duty, extremely rugged, flame-retardent, adjustable suspenders with plastic patented buckles, Seams are doubled welded, Outer material is tested as to ENV 343 and EN533/1.

COLOUR green, M: Art. No. 160.0100

L: Art. No. 160.0101

XL: Art. No. 160.0102

XXL: Art. No. 160.0103

XXXL: Art. No. 160.0104

XXXXL: Art. No. 160.0105

Fisherman’s shirt CLASSIC

Professional heavy-duty quality, extremely rugged, flame-retardent, hood with drawstring, Seams double-welded, Outer material is tested as to ENV 343 and EN533/1..

COLOUR green, M: Art. No. 160.0200

L: Art. No. 160.0201

XL: Art. No. 160.0202

XXL: Art. No. 160.0203

XXXL: Art. No. 160.0204

XXXXL: Art. No. 160.0205

Washing overalls

PU on nylon fabric, 170 g/sq m, Seams double-welded, hood with draw-string, adjustable snap-button sleeve ends, covered zipper, rubber material on the back, Trouser cuffs adjustable with snap buttons. Outer material is tested as to ENV 343.

COLOUR green, M: Art. No. 160.0300

L: Art. No. 160.0301

XL: Art. No. 160.0302

XXL: Art. No. 160.0303

XXXL: Art. No. 160.0304

XXXXL: Art. No. 160.0305

Safty Boots COFRA

The extremely light safety boots for agriculture as to EN 345 S5, with steel caps and steel soles. Material: polyurethane. Colour: olive. Height: approx. 38 cm. Weight: approx. 900 g each (size 42)

40: Art. No. 160.1000 41: Art. No. 160.1001

42: Art. No. 160.1002 43: Art. No. 160.1003

44: Art. No. 160.1004 45: Art. No. 160.1005

46: Art. No. 160.1006 47: Art. No. 160.1007


35 cm: Art. No. 160.0020

45 cm: Art. No. 160.0022

60 cm: Art. No. 160.0023