Medium pressure machines

Stationary medium pressure machines

The ratio is decisive

Probably the discussion would be if it makes sense to clean with water-saving methods by applying a lot of pressure or using a lot of water while protecting the surface which is a method as old as the high-pressure cleaner itself. Stadiko Massgeschneiderte Reinigungstechnik has always taken the approach to use considerably more water in the cleaning process to reduce the working time.

After all, not only the dirt should be removed, but it should also be washed away.

But how does it look like in areas where it is necessary to clean sensitive machines, conveyor belts with ball-bearing rollers or extreme soiling without large adhesions daily? In lots of cases, the pressure will be reduced as much that a medium pressure machine might be the better choice compared with a high-pressure plant. They may also be individually, and tailor-made adapted to the requirements and challenges in cleaning. Starting from a multistage centrifugal pump for easy tasks, there are almost no limits regarding the size of a medium pressure machine.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We will develop a draft with you specially tailored for your company and your requirements.

A medium pressure machine for 8 users. 30 l/min at 30 bars are available for each user. The redundancy of this plant is designed for 6 users.

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