Frequency controlled inside the housing

Frequency controlled inside the housing

Packed safely

In a lot of utility rooms stationary high-pressure plants are installed freely accessible and without any special housing. For different applications such as in an industry under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to protect the high-pressure cleaners in a solid housing. If the plants are installed in passage areas or operate self-starting cleaning machines.

Specially tailored for such use, this special construction has been designed. Lots of Stadiko professional high-pressure cleaners can be integrated in this stainless-steel housing. In this case, a motor pump unit with a motor power of 7.5 KW and a water output of 14 l/min at a pressure of 250 bar is being achieved. It is possible to set the system pressure via a switch which is directly positioned on the frequency converter for the different programs of the cleaning machine.

A lot of options are available:
- Installation of different performance classes
- Equipment of the start / stop function
- Frequency converter for different pressure stages

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The stadiko categories for special constructions at a glance