Container construction

Container construction

A clean solution

More and more companies as well as municipalities and public services encounter the same problem: The washing area is like a battlefield; devices and the corresponding accessories are always defective, and the set-up times are too long.

For a washing area at a livestock trader Stadiko Massgeschneiderte Reinigungstechnik equipped a complete 20ft High-Cube cleaning container.

Lots of components from the construction of mobile and stationary high-pressure cleaners for decades could be transferred to this project. The core is a reliable frequency-controlled hot-water high-pressure machine for two users.

The complete planning, equipment and installation was performed at the business premises in Dinklage, from where the container was delivered with the proper truck and commissioned within half a day.

At the start of works, the container was completely isolated, and an additional door was installed. For the supply, a heating oil tank with a capacity of 1200 l was installed in the interior beside a large water flow tank with a capacity of 5000 l.

Furthermore, when planning the system, we have also considered a high-pressure foam system as well as a disinfection unit, which both automatically dose the used substances via a control.

The stainless-steel automatic hose reels of the individual movable hoses are mounted to outer wall and can be equipped with a high-pressure hose with a length of up to 25 m for a large working range.

In everyday operation, it is not necessary to enter the container since all functions can be switched in the outdoor area.

Further options are possible, such as the installation of light poles for the outdoor lighting, release and accounting via transponder or coin-operated machines. There is also still place for a second stationary hot water high pressure cleaner, a medium pressure machine or technique for a passage gate.

Whether temporarily at a site or as an alternative for a new construction, the use of this cleaning container could not be more diverse thanks to shortest set-up and dismantling times.