Stationary professional high-pressure cleaners made by stadiko

The ultimate is a high-volume, slowed-down stationary high-pressure plant with minimum set-up times.

Most efficient cleaning with a suitable movable hose, which is connected to an optimally positioned tap connection provides for enormous cost savings. Each plant has been designed according to your requirements and can be planned for any number of users.

Stationary plants can also be installed as hot water plants, either with their own burners or with external water supply, e.g. from a biogas plant.

The professional installation will be ensured by our experienced technicians. You can always rely on our rapid and professional all-round service. We will be happy to offer you comprehensive consultation, also in the run-up to a planned new construction or reconstruction.

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Stationary solutions from Stadiko

Always having the option to clean quickly and directly with a high pressure cleaner without a time-consuming setup increases cleanliness and general hygiene in workplaces.

Working with a stationary high pressure system is easy and saves time.

High pressure rigid hose lines are placed in the various cleaning sites which connect to a high pressure system with a litre capacity and operating pressure tailored to the respective cleaning task. A movable hose is connected to optimally positioned taps, and cleaning can begin. Not only does this save a lot of time, it also leads to significant cost savings by eliminating the need to set up a mobile unit.
Every high pressure system is designed according to your needs and the requirements of the cleaning task. A high pressure system can thus be setup for a single user or for any number of operators.

High pressure systems can also be designed for use with hot water. If you would like to feed in existing hot water, special pumps are fitted which are designed for use with hot water. When you have to generate hot water, we can offer the corresponding burner units.


For cleaning tasks which require different flowrates at different locations, we can provide you with frequency-controlled high pressure systems. You can choose from various water capacities by selecting a lance with the corresponding high pressure nozzle. Is the high pressure pump of a frequency-controlled high pressure plant correspondingly large, it is possible to work with more than one user at the same time. It is also possible to select different pressure levels via a selector switch on the system control.

We are happy to provide you with comprehensive advice while you plan the implementation of high pressure systems. We would be delighted to have you benefit from our experience – just call us.

High pressure cleaners as multiple stage systems for several users

stadiko develops high pressure systems to keep pace with growing demands. If you are in the food industry or another cleaning-intensive industry – your ideal solution is a multiple-stage system for several users.

Multi-stage systems are customised for the customer according to the number of washing areas required and designed with approved technology. The image below shows a five-stage system used in a facility which processes food, as an example. All two-stage and multi-stage systems from stadiko are equipped with a demand switch which ensures the same pump running times for the individual motor pump units.

The multiple-stage systems are operated using a TFT Colour operating display as a touch panel. This display also shows relevant operating data such as the system pressure and the current bypass quantity. The maintenance intervals are controlled through an integrated operating hour counter. When the maintenance interval is reached, a corresponding message appears on the control display. During maintenance, work can continue without a hitch by simply switching the system to manual operation.

Frequency controlled high pressure cleaners

Save energy and costs

With a frequency converter-controlled high-pressure system from Stadiko, you are prepared for all cleaning tasks that arise. Stadiko's proven high-pressure pumps are controlled over a very wide range depending on pressure with the help of a special speed control. The motor only draws as much current as is currently needed to drive the pump. This increases energy efficiency and reduces additional costs for reactive current.

As with all high-pressure systems from Stadiko, the performance data of a frequency-controlled high-pressure system is determined on the customer's request. A selector switch on the front of the frequency converter can be used to set different pressure levels for a wide variety of tasks. For example, a higher pressure can be used for heavy incrustations and an increased rinsing capacity for well-softened deposits.

Furthermore, the user has the possibility to adjust the power of the high-pressure cleaner according to his stature or physical condition. Thus, compared to a standard multi-stage system, it is possible to distribute the water output of the pump units differently to several users. Frequency-controlled high-pressure cleaners from Stadiko represent the state of the art and are very flexible in their application. Depending on the application, a multi-stage or a frequency-controlled high-pressure system may be the better choice.

Stationary hot water systems from stadiko

A variety of options are available to supply stationary high pressure systems with hot water for cleaning tasks which require hot water. Whether you want to use available hot water or generate it using a burner chamber, we have the solutions.

Generating hot water with a burner chamber

The oil or gas-operated hot water generator features a burner chamber which generates hot water directly after the high pressure pump. A powerful and efficient burner heats the water before it is pushed into the connected pipe. The temperature can be set using a stepless adjustable control thermostat. A security temperature limiter and a flame monitor ensure that operating the burner system is always safe. Multi-level heating technology is available for supplying two-stage or multiple-stage high pressure systems.

We would be happy speak to you about exhaust systems and any other design questions.


Use available hot water cleverly

If you would like to use existing hot water, e.g., from a biogas unit, stadiko high pressure systems are equipped with special high pressure pumps for this purpose. The specially designed construction of these HD pumps, including a longer transition between the pump head and pump housing, ensures problematic temperature transfers can be avoided, thus ensuring operational safety.

These systems feature a high-quality stainless-steel tank in the water inlet. As with all stationary systems from stadiko, these high pressure cleaners can also be equipped for several operators.