Technical specifications

Flowrate (l/hour)2520
Operating pressure (bar)100
Power requirement (kW)11
Power requirement (A)32
Speed reductionja
Pump speed (rpm)1400
Size (without drump, LxBxH mm)870x720x910
Maximum water temperature supplied during continuous running




If you have to clean large areas and need an extreme flushing capacity of 42 l/min = 2520 l/h, we recommend our HDVAR 11/42-100. Its pressure of 100bar is tuned in such a way that the extremely high flushing capacity is in the foreground.

In order to flush long sewers, drainage pipes or drains, the "flushing mouse" can be screwed onto the movement hose of a stadiko professional high-pressure cleaner without additional components.

Each device is equipped according to your individual needs and wishes. You determine the hose length, which lance you need, etc. Sometimes it can make a big difference whether a flushing mouse rotates or is fixed, whether it has a front hole or not. Our experts will be pleased to advise you on the choice of the right accessories.

The original from stadiko, the mobile professional high pressure cleaner HDVAR is available in the following variants:

Profi high pressure cleaner HDVAR 11/42-100 in detail

Double-walled hose

High pressure hose with heat-resistant protective hose as scald protection and to prevent heat damage on grass surfaces.

Bow-handle/ergonomic transport

Ergonomically positioned and formed bow-handle allows easy transport, also when tipped. Air-filled 400 mm extra thick tyres with stainless steel bearings allow easy transport over rough surfaces.


Cranshaft pump

Rotary speed reduced from 1450 rpm to 960 rpm, provides extremely long operational lifetimes.

Motor and coupling

Premium quality electric motor with only 960 rpm, double roller bearing, for smooth operation and long lasting, with shock-absorbing coupling for smooth running and easy assembly.

Pressure valve

High quality pressure valve for large water flowrates, with pressure display.


Electrical switchbox

Extremely robust aluminium electrical box with toggle switch.


Lance holder

Highly functional lance holder, for up to 3 lances.

Water connection

Water connection for optimum hose guiding.

Stainless steel swivel castors

Large size stainless steel swivel castors with a diameter of 160 mm with lock for easy handling.