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The brand from professionals for professionals. Mobile high-pressure cleaners, which are adapted to the current requirements of different fields of application. Durability – reliability – efficient cleaning. These are the points which characterise a professional high-pressure cleaner made by stadiko. The original for commercial cleaning and optimum hygiene.


Individuality is our strength
and CONSULTATION is very important to us. We would be glad to support you in choosing a high-pressure cleaner which is suitable for your cleaning task, in choosing the suitable high-pressure hose, the valve pistols and lances and all other options, which render working with a high-pressure cleaner efficient and convenient. We would also be glad to incorporate our ideas in solutions for the special construction. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Stadiko always provides a tailored solution that exactly fulfils your requirements!


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Mobiler Profi-Hochdruckreiniger

HDVAR – The Original

Durable, robust, individual, flexible. Stadiko high pressure cleaner will specially equipped according to your wishes. Accessories like hoses, lances, valve pistols are matched to your needs. Our specialists will be glad to advise you in selecting needed accessories.

The original from stadiko, the mobile professional high pressure cleaner HDVAR is available in the following variants:

Mobile high pressure cleaner for hot water

The original model for hot water

If you wish to clean with available hot water, the stadiko high pressure cleaner can be fitted with special high pressure pumps suitable for hot water. Trackless tyres and swivel castors as well as trackless hoses are available for use on tiled floors, e.g., in food industry facilities.

The mobile and hot water compatible professional high pressure cleaner HDVAR-H is available in the following versions:

Particularly compact professional high pressure cleaner

HDK – The compact model

The compact HDK with a capacity of 15 l/min and 21 l/min at an operating pressure of 150 bar is suitable for lightweight cleaning tasks. Owing to its narrow width of 62 cm, this model is ideal for use in smaller spaces and can also be fitted with the HDVAR series motor pump unit.

The compact stadiko high pressure cleaner HDK is available in different versions:

Mobile professional high-pressure cleaner for special demands

HDVA – the universal one

High pressure cleaners with a very high capacity or high pressure levels are ideal for use in the INOX frame of the HDVA. Hose lengths of up to 180 metres are possible with this model. The HDVA impresses users with its compact design and easy handling.

Mobile professional high-pressure cleaner with its own burner for hot water

HDH – The hot water unit

The hot water high pressure cleaners of the HDH series enable you to work with hot water and a strong flowrate. With the integrated burner technology ECO PLUS, it is possible to achieve a reduced soot emission with very high power. The efficient performance of approximately 95 kW is easy to regulate through the digital thermostat. The intelligent burner controls enable you to work with consistent temperatures.

The mobile professional high-pressure cleaner HDH with its own burner is available in the following variants:

Mobile professional high-pressure cleaner on a pallet platform

HDP – The pallet platform

The HDP pallet platform is designed especially for use in sites located far apart from one another. This model’s forklift inserts easily and securely enable transport between distant sites. The 200-litre supply tank is not only used for the pump-friendly bypass operation but can also compensate for fluctuating water supply quantities.

The HDP high-pressure cleaner on a pallet frame can be individually configured for a wide range of performance requirements:

Gasoline powered & mobile professional high pressure cleaner

HDB – The petrol model

A suitable power connection for powerful high pressure cleaners is not available everywhere. We offer petrol-powered high pressure cleaners for application in these areas.

The HDB gasoline high-pressure cleaner is available in various combinations of liter capacities and working pressures.