HD-High pressure hoses

High pressure hoses with high tensile steel wire braided insert and a outer layer of synthetic rubber

HD 110: Art. No. 15-11-002 (max. 180 bar)

HD 113: Art. No. 15-11-003 (max. 160 bar)

HD 210: Art. No. 15-11-022 (max. 330 bar)

HD 213: Art. No. 15-11-023 (max. 275 bar)

HF-High pressure hoses

High pressure hoses that leaves no stripes, with high tensile steel wire braided insert and a outer layer with environmentally safe synthetic rubber

HF 110: Art. No. 15-11-041 (max. 220 bar)

HF 113: Art. No. 15-11-042 (max. 220 bar)

HF 210: Art. No. 15-11-061 (max. 400 bar)

HF 213: Art. No. 15-11-062 (max. 400 bar)

HD-High pressure hose Greenflex

This non marking high pressure hose is ideal suitable for rough floors and highest demands. The transparent surface made out of thermoplastic elastomer, is oil-, UV-, ozone-resistant and weatherproofed and got a brass-plated wire braid for high stability.

HD 110 g/t: Art. No. 15-11-081 (max. 275 bar)

HD 113 g/t: Art. No. 15-11-082 (max. 180 bar)

Hochdruckschläuche Powershield

Powershield high pressure hoses have an outer sheath made from synthetic rubber and a highly abrasion-resistant UHMW coating. They are particularly resistant to abrasion, oil, UV, ozone and the elements and are ideal for rough floors where high abrasion resistance is required.

HD 110 Powershield: Art. No. 15-11-100 (max. 210 bar)

HD 113 Powershield: Art. No. 15-11-101 (max. 180 bar)