VA AR 252-200 LE Spraying unit

Spraying unit with a spin-flushing system to spread disinfectants with exact dosages. The spin-flushing system keeps the mixture moving during operation so that the agent cannot settle and thus keeps the mixing ratio stable. 25 L/min., max. 25 bar, 230V/50Hz on a stainless-steel frame with a scaled 200-litre tank, spray gun, stainless-steel lance, 20 m acid-resistant hose. Also available with a longer hose upon request

Art. No. 10-06-002 
Art. No. 10-06-004 (with Honda petrol motor)

Matrix 5-3T medicine dosing unit

Medicine dosing unit to dispense easily soluble additives, connects to a ring main. Stainless-steel centrifugal pump, scaled 200-litre tank with water circulation on a mobile stainless-steel frame, electric float switch, through-bolt joint, ball valve, 40-120 L/min., max. 8 bar, 230V/50 Hz

Art. No. 10-06-020

Dosing sprayer, low pressure

Container size of 3 litres, exact adjustment (0.5 - 5.0%), exchangeable nozzles

Art. No. 70-01-100

High pressure foam lance

with plug-in coupling for quick exchange of spray gun, 2 litre container

SI10: Art. No. 15-18-240