The new spreading technology

The Alzogur-Dispenser from stadiko

AlzChem and stadiko worked together to bring you a new spreading technology for Alzogur®. The Alzogur® dispenser eliminates the time-consuming preparation of the working solution.

The newly developed Alzogur® Dispenser suctions the biocide directly from the sale container and doses it into the water flow in your desired concentration. This allows you to dilute and spread at the same time. The user therefore has no contact with the undiluted product, thus enabling a higher level of work safety. Spreading becomes incredibly easy: place one or two 20-litre canisters or a 200-litre barrel on the Alzogur® Dispenser, insert the suction hose into the container, connect the unit to the water pipe, select your desired concentration and you can start!

This simplified operation is made possible through a proportional dosing unit. It works without electricity as it is fully powered through the flowing water. The proportional dosing unit enables the dispenser to operate reliably and with a high level of precision even if there is fluctuating pressure. You can set the desired Alzogur® concentration to between 3% and 10% in a stepless manner.

The dispenser is mounted on a large stainless-steel vehicle and equipped with a moving hose measuring 25 m in length. Standardised delivery includes a under-slatted-floors-lance and a lance with a quench head for pressure-free spreading.

Art.-Nr. 10-06-500