How does weed control work with hot water?

Water is heated using a burner in the ÖKOTHERM steam generator to create a mix of hot water and steam at 130°C.
The steam heats the surface so that the discharged hot water reaches the roots in the soil without any heat loss. This process triggers a protein shock in the plants which permanently destroys the plant’s cell walls. The plant is then no longer able to absorb water and consequently dries up. This process must be repeated several times a year, depending on the vegetation and the environment.
The steam is applied via a heat-resistant, double-walled special hose, to which various accessories for area or pinpoint weed control can be connected.

The ÖKOTHERM can be used under virtually any weather conditions. It is specially designed for communal areas in pedestrian zones, graveyards, train platforms and any public areas where weeds need to be combatted. Thanks to its compact design, the ÖKOTHERM is particularly suitable for areas which cannot be accessed by larger devices


All benefits at a glance

  • No chemicals in accordance with the Plant Protection Act
  • Fully self-sufficient (not dependent on water and electricity)
  • Large area output
  • Extremely small, quiet and discreet
  • Can be used anywhere without attachment
  • No open flames
  • Does not require an additional vehicle

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Contact person

Peter Smolny
Field sales

The ÖKOTHERM in detail

Burner chamber

90 kW fuel oil fired burner chamber with temperature pre-selection and fault indication

Key switch

Key switch to release the drive and burner

Surface vehicle

The surface vehicle can be

  • folded up
  • shifted laterally
  • easily disassembled.


Switch between:

  • Return to the tank
  • Surface vehicle
  • Hose reel

Drawbar head

Relevant parameters can be controlled using the drawbar head

Tank filling

Large tank opening for filling and cleaning


  • Connection to aspirate from an external container
  • Dirt filter in the intake

Double-walled hose

High pressure hose with heat-resistant protective hose as scald protection and to prevent heat damage on grass surfaces

More information

Technical specifications

Width680 mm
Length (no surface vehicle)1470 mm
Height1570 mm
Empty weight450 kg
Heating capacity90 kW
FuelFuel oil/Diesel
Fuel oil tank content15 l
Batteries2 x 12 V/140 Ah
Bord vollage24 V
max. run time12 hours



Here you can download the current ÖKOTHERM flyer as a PDF file.