Professionell soaking & cooling systems

Soaking systems from stadiko are available in various designs and matched up to suit the stall at hand. Installation can be configured as a free-suspended soaking system via PVC bands or stainless steel chains. Standing spray jets prevent post dripping and soaking line emptying. If the installation has to be done directly under the ceiling, the hanging spray nozzles are equipped with drip stoppers that can be installed with a micro-hose of variable length.
Cleaning agents and disinfectants can be dispensed by the soaking system independent of persons so that the user is not exposed to harmful vapours and gases. This takes place either via a tank with a pressure booster pump (moveable upon request) or a dosing unit that metres the agent out of a canister. Both possibilities offer an exact dosing of the cleaning agent and disinfecting agent. Flushing the lines is easy via removable screw end caps.

Combined free-suspended soaking and cooling system. Easy opening and closing of the spraying and misting lines via ball valves. As an option, control can be done using magnetic valves.

Low pressure cooling systems / manure removal helpers

Also a low pressure cooling system accompanies the soaking system as a double line. Depending on the application at hand, a second line with misting jets for cooling or spray jets for soaking can be installed under the soaking line. Water feed to each line is controlled by ball valves so that each line needed can be easily switched. Equipped with a magnetic valve, the cooling system can be controlled via an existing climate control computer. Soaking system and cooling system installation can be done either on your own or by our professional fitters.

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