Technical data

Engine power8.6 KW
Water output15 l/min. – 900 l/h
Pressure performancemax. 200 bars
H: 1300 mm, W: 650 mm L: 1250 m
Empty weightabout 125 kg
Water reserve
200 l
Noise levelMax. 99 dB(A)


HDB 11/15-200 SK

Compact and self-sufficient

The HDB 11/15-200 SK which is equipped with a high-pressure piston pump with ceramic plungers has an output of 15 l/min at a pressure of up to 200 bars. Due to its powerful Honda engine with oil level monitoring, this professional high-pressure cleaner has been designed for the daily continuous use. For a continuous water supply, a pre-run tank with a capacity of 200 l is directly mounted on the super compact basic frame. It also ensures a continuous water supply of the high-pressure pump even in harsh conditions.

As for all devices made by Stadiko the large range of possible accessories rounds off the product range. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly advise you!

The original from stadiko, the mobile professional high pressure cleaner HDB is available in the following variants: