Stainless steel lance with INOX male coupling

with moulded isolation grip. Outlet 1/4” male thread

MT3 290 mm: Art. No. 110.0600

MT3 700 mm: Art. No. 110.0607

MT3 900 mm: Art. No. 110.0601

MT3 1200 mm: Art. No. 110.0602

MT3 2000 mm: Art. No. 110.0603

Lance grip handle

For easy handling, especially with high pressure shocks. (May be installed retroactively).

Art. No. 110.5080

Stainless steel double lance with INOX male coupling

High quality stainless steel double lance with robust adjusting valve for stepless pressure regulation. This lance is the most technically sensible solution for adjusting the pressure with constant water flowrate. max 310 bar; max 36 l/min; max. 130°C

700 mm: Art. No. 110.0627

1000 mm: Art. No. 110.0620

High pressure foaming lance

With male coupling for rapid exchange at the trigger pistol with 2-litre container

SI10: Art. No. 110.5171

Feed bowl cleaner

2-metre lance with PVC protective cup to easily clean feed bowls. Suitable for low pressure and high pressure applications.

Art. No. 110.5272