Orbin VRS foam

Excellent, very alkaline cleaning agent with very pronounced fat dissolving character. For pre-treating stall facilities before cleaning. Can be applied with high pressure or spraying systems. Application 0.5 – 2.0%, Package 12 kg

Art. No. 150.0000

Tolo Spezial 38 S Forte

Extremely acidic cleaning agent With pronounced dirt dissolving character on durable surfaces such as stainless steel, plastic, tiles, etc. Basis: phosphoric acid, Application 0.5 – 3.0%; Package 35 kg

Art. No. 150.0010

Sodium Hypochlorite

Drinking trough cleaner for poultry stalls; outstanding values in disinfection and good values in the area of cleaning. Can be used only in unoccupied stalls, rinse thoroughly. Basis: hydrogen peroxide Application 0.5 – max. 2.0%, Package 11 kg

Art. No. 150.0030

Tolo Sterisol Super

Drinking trough cleaning and disinfectant combination product – and our proven product in the area of drinking trough cleaning in the poultry and swine area. Use only in unoccupied stalls, rinse thoroughly. Basis: chlorine/peroxide Application 1.0 – max. 5.0%, Package 24 kg

Art. No. 150.0040

Sodium hydroxide Prills

Used for cleaning and disinfection works liquid filtering systems, feed vessels, etc. Rinse very well; Wear protective clothing! Package 25 kg

Art. No. 150.0050

Citric acid

Drinking trough cleaning agent for poultry stalls. Calcium deposits are safely removed. Use only in unoccupied stalls, rinse well. Basis: citric acid Application 1.0% – max. 3.0%, Package 25 kg

Art. No.150.0060

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