L-Vet - N

Strong aldehyde, for the full spectrum. One of the grand masters among products. Application 1.0 – 2.0%, Package 10 kg - DGV-listed

Art. No. 150.1020

Calgonit Sterizid P15 DES

Highly acidic, with formidable impact without cold errors. Also here minimal material degradation is possible. Our no. 1 product when it comes to price/performance ratio. Application 0.5 – 1.0%, Package 10 kg - DGV-listed

Art. No. 150.1170

Aldecoc CmK

Broad use disinfectant against eggs and insects. Application 3.0%, Package 10kg - DGV-listed

Art. No. 150.1160

Leosept 262

Very light aldehyde, for exceptional effect and over the full range. Anti-viral agent, anti-bacteria agent, fungicide. Minimal burden to the work place through minimal aldehyde emission. Rapid re-use of stalls especially in sow and piglet area possible. Application 1.5 – 3.0%, Package 10 kg

Art. No. 150.1030

Venno Vet1 Super

Aldehyde-free, strongly acidic. With excellent impact in anti-viral agents, anti-bacteria agents and fungicide areas. No relevant cold errors when used as recommended. Basis: formic acid. Minimal material degradation possible. Application 1.0 – 2.0%, Package 10 kg - DGV-listed
Art. No. 150.1050


For use against fly larvae. Dysentery agent and rat tail larvae in manure on stall surfaces. Observe work safety; highly toxic! Application as needed. 10 – 30% solution. (Consult a s pecialist for each use!) 200 litre drum

Art. No. 150.1110


Aldehyde-free, fully non-corrosive composition, thus can be used in all areas. Red-brown check substance for spray monitoring of the short foam phase. Interrupted spectrum of activity only in minimal amounts. Sporicide, extremely effective. Application 1.0 – 3.0%, Package 10 kg

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